Artur Sulikowski

More than 20 years of experience playing at levels:

  • Started playing at the age of six at his hometown club, MKSTS POLKOWICE
  • Coached by Slawomir Slowinski - national level coach, three-time bronze medalist in national women's team championships
  • Advanced from 5th division to 2nd Polish Division with Men’s team, by the age of 18

Trained with the top players of Poland and more:

  • Chinese players like Yu Ying among others
  • Two-time Women’s Single national Champion
  • Rank #6 national woman player
  • Women’s 2nd division team, consisting of the top32 female players in Poland

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I take great care in teaching my students not only the technical aspects of table tennis, but the tactical and strategic aspects of play as well. All three parts are required to develop a well-rounded player that can play at the highest level. My table tennis career has equipped me to instruct everything from the basic techniques of the sport, the tactical aspects within a match, the mental fortitude of playing as a professional, and finally the long term training strategies that will develop players to their full potential. I have a passion for identifying, developing, and realizing the full potential of each student. I do not believe in fixating on my own style or trying to teach something that is potentially not compatible with a particular student. The methods taught to you in VR will not only make you more effective in virtual reality, but will also benefit your real-world play. The individual strokes may differ slightly in-and-out-of VR, but the tactical, mental and strategic aspects of play will be invaluable no matter where or how you choose to play Table Tennis.